Beyond the Machine Festival

Projection design

"Preferred Projections" was created in collaboration with choreographer Jenna Pollack and presented at The Julliard School's Beyond the Machine festival in 2013. Projections were mapped across five narrow vertical panels. Jenna interacted with four prerecorded versions of herself, moving mapped panels from side to side as video characters competed with and "sabotaged" each other, to a recording of dog show audio. This video exclusively shows video design. The real, live Jenna is missing. Picture dressed identically to her media doubles, wearing white.

I designed and filmed a live media performance around Oliver Laric's video "Versions." As manifested at The Juilliard School's Beyond the Machine festival, an actress and violinist performed in sync with their filmed doubles. This video represents both my full media design for the performance, spread across three large projections surfaces, and live performances, captured by small shots in the lower left and right corners of the video.