The Delectable Body

Projections on live dancer

An immersive gallery evening produced by Dau al Set, featuring the photography of Kathryn Parker Almanas, my projections, and dancer Jenna Pollack. As Jenna moved, projections followed her body -- inspired by the Victorian-era conceit of the wandering womb, food, and internal organs. Sweet Generation Bakery collaborated with me on stop-motion animations made from buttercream frosting and rasberry coulisse.

During a pause in Jenna's performance, projected buttercream flowers suddenly 'bloomed' out of her mouth, and wandered around her torso as she stood still.

As Jenna began to move, her projected 'organs' moved with her. Flowers began to multiply on her torso.

Projected frosting flowers soon grew too large for Jenna's torso, requiring her to stretch her costume to give them space. Eventually, she reached for the stage drapery, letting projections 'escape' from her body and migrate to the walls, where they continued to develop.