Dorian Green

Stop motion short

This is the story of Dorian Green - the man who didn't like his face. Alone in a room with his mirror, Dorian does his best to disguise the shapes that crawl across his skin. Is makeup enough to control his own nature? Shot on a still camera, the film's jitter helped us show what lies between the cracks of Dorian's experience.

This short film premiered at the San Jose International Film Festival and also screened at the Coney Island Film Festival in 2014. I wrote and directed the short for a group of artists interested in exploring live-action stop motion, and the relationship between still photography and film.

The four-month production period tested our creativity and physical endurance. We learned how to stage manage efficient makeup application between frames, fake lingering drops of water with glue, and retime our sense of performance arc to match frame rate. After finishing visual editing and adding Chris Cresswell's musical score, we realized our world wasn't landing. The camera jitter was too jarring - the video needed grounding with additional sounds. Actor Geoff Moonen layered foley over his physical performance, offering a critical connectivity that bridged gaps in the jarring visual world.