Flammentangel Kabarett

Immersive performance

My creative thesis at Princeton University was an immersive "Kabarett" surrounding Germany's sudden political change in the aftermath of the Reichstag fire. Although the fire was the narrative pivot, the show only showed its consequences - by presenting the same Kabarett program twice, on nights before and after the fire (Acts I and II.) Repetition, absence, and contrast between acts told the story. The show won a theater thesis award.

From our 2009 press release: "A decadent, vibrant, and dangerous evening. Live music, dancing bodies, and satire all re-create the German Kabarett while telling the story of its demise. It’s late winter, Berlin, 1933. A small Kabarett flirts with chaos. Relationships between performers start to come undone. Yet it’s the world outside which will light the Berlin night on fire – and leave the artists inside with frightening choices."