Guggenheim App

Location responsive museum guide

It's been my honor to work on concept, production, and UX testing for the 2017 Guggenheim app redesign. The redesign introduces Messages, an iBeacon-driven feature that responds to visitor location at the Frank Lloyd Wright building. The redesign also features the first major interface update since the app's introduction in 2013. The app's use case now focuses on the on-site visit. A consolidated What's On Today screen offers links to the day's events, exhibitions, and amenities. Additional navigation updates inspired by visitor feedback include frontloaded language options, a simplified menu, and an omnipresent audio player.

The new Messages feature responds to time and location, and activates exclusively in the museum space. Drop-down notifications alert visitors to events and opportunities while they are in the building. These notifications can be switched on or off depending on visitor preference, without affecting their ability to access Message content from the menu’s inbox. Customized by the time of day, visit length, and building location, Messages aims to provide just the right amount of information at just the right time.

Available for free download on iTunes. Learn more through the presentation below, or by visiting