The InterArts program invites Juilliard students and recent alumni to explore performance in collaboration with digital media designers and interactive technology. During the program's two years, I taught video design as a program mentor. Participants brought expertise from the performance and music worlds, with little to no background in media composition. As a designer and mentor, I led workshops at the start of each year. These covered the history of performance video, the mechanics of video editing and projection design, practical strategies for media collaboration, and critical techniques for evaluating visual media. As the year progressed I designed projections for participants' compositions, culminating in a performance festival.

2015    |    2016

Projection designs for slanted ceiling

In the 2015 program cycle, our projection environment consisted of six mobile back wall panels, and a large ceiling that raked over the performance space. Meaningful incorporation of ceiling projections became central to each piece. Below, design demos present the four different pieces I built with participant groups.

A Type of Translucence

This piece embraced projection tricks to get beneath the skin of spectacle, including live feed and body-mapped projections. This video showcases a projected materials drop, where substances from water to diamonds fall from the ceiling to back wall projections.

Men At Work

All video was animated from a headshot-styled photo shoot. Tinder swiping motion capture dictated performer interaction with projections. Rejected photographs were banished to the ceiling, where they hoovered ominously through the piece.


A woman triggers rage and forgiveness in her living room, in the forms of religious figures Mary and Kali. Ceiling and wall extended a domestic environment with hidden, embedded images.


An oppressive environment of fluorescent lights and dehumanized, animated dots representing office workers is gradually erased by dancer motion, revealing a hidden world of freedom. In the piece's final moments, a message is written the ceiling.