The InterArts program invites Juilliard students and recent alumni to explore performance in collaboration with digital media designers and interactive technology. During the program's two years, I taught video design as a program mentor. Participants brought expertise from the performance and music worlds, with little to no background in media composition. As a designer and mentor, I led workshops at the start of each year. These covered the history of performance video, the mechanics of video editing and projection design, practical strategies for media collaboration, and critical techniques for evaluating visual media. As the year progressed I designed projections for participants' compositions, culminating in a performance festival.

2015    |    2016

Projection designs for angled walls

In the second program year, projects shared a set composed of two large, angled walls. For one of these 2016 pieces, a dance solo choreographed by Maggie Segale, I counter-titled video projections to account for surface angles. Maggie and I wanted to shift audience perspective beyond wall angles, creating the illusion of windows opening into continuous, deep space. The video surrounded Maggie with cubes containing copies of her own body; our goal was to turn projection surfaces into references for the cube walls that might surround Maggie herself - as if she were only another copy, like her projected counterparts.

The video below demos the first four minutes of Maggie's projections. When panels are flattened, they show mismatched perspectives. However, as panels bend forward to match actual performance angles, perspectives match for the audience.

The image below was used as program art for the 2016 festival.