Cracked Orlando

Video design for multimedia opera

Cracked Orlando opens at Juilliard in March 2017. Design work is ongoing, and features my videography integrated with 3D avatars and motion capture. The plot centers on a magical island where a powerful witch conceals reality with avatars and illusions. The opera's musical structure is based on the development of mathematical fractals. This suggested video designs that both echoed abstract systems, while offering a lush, human element.

I worked with choreographer Rebecca Stenn to build elements of the island environment out of bodies. We captured elements including water, rock, and attending fairy spirits. My challenge was to capture choreographic vision in a way that would enable the larger projection team to pair footage with motion capture during the production. While some of my video will be composed as set ballet interludes, for the most part it will remain modular - undergoing further manipulation during the performance.

Below: A reel of project video, and my designs for the Cracked Orlando poster art, integrating 3D objects.