The Rendezvous

Media installation

The Rendezvous is a media space for memories of death, capturing the action of speaking about those we’ve lost. It focuses on the experience of its speakers – the experiences of the living. Personal narratives are shared, and visually abstracted by performers (acting as avatars for memory). This ongoing project premiered at New York Creative Technology Week in 2016.

We are preparing to realize spatial and potentially binaural audio composition for a mobile VR experience in Spring 2017, thanks to a grant from New Music USA and support from Juilliard's Center for Innovation in the Arts. Visit to learn more about project participation.


This 360° video presents the first nine minutes of The Rendezvous installation, in a fixed media sequence. (In contrast, the physical media installation presents media in a randomized order, letting visitors switch between different audio channels using Bluetooth headphones)

The video below documents live iterations of The Rendezvous installation in 2016. The piece can exist as a 1, 3, or multi-channelled video work.